"best ribs around"

wild ga shrimp & wanna be pirates

mouth watering shrimp

the best bbq

you can taste the awesome

our history

Today, Skippers' Fish Camp Oyster Bar and Grill serves seafood and ribs to an eager public. Our patrons are greeted by an 11-foot alligator (stuffed and mounted) and a sea of friendly faces. The floor covering is made of hand-cut bricks recovered from a demolished Middle Georgia structure that had been built in the 1940s. The bar and table tops were fashioned from timbers that had been floated down the Altamaha River from the interior of the state during Darien's halcyon timber days of the 1800s. These milled timbers, salvaged from Brunswick, Georgia's Oglethorpe Hotel, had been saved and used as double flooring in the Skipper Seafood Company's legendary "poker shack." Some of you may remember the Oglethorpe Hotel for a number of reasons, one of which is that it was used in the Hollywood movie, The View from Pompeii's Head. So, the next time you eat in our restaurant or hoist a cool one at our bar, you'll encounter a part of not only Georgia history but Hollywood history as well!

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